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The Farnham name has been synonymous with the highest quality built local homes for generations. As the sole owner of Farnham Built, Wayne is using his decades of experience in the building industry to continue the family tradition of building high quality homes that locals love to live in. Homes with meticulous plans, expert build, quality fittings and fixtures and a finish that will be the envy of your friends.

Experience, knowledge and attention to detail during the design phase is the first and most important step in creating a home that you will love to live in. Your plans need to be right for you and right for your block. For plans you love to work to your best advantage, they need to work together with the block you want to build on. Wayne Farnham works with clients to ensure the planning phase will allow you to achieve your goals. Wayne then uses his industry knowledge and experience to build your home to the highest standard with quality fixtures and fittings. Farnham Built construct homes to completion, so you can be confident that there will be no added extras and that your finished Farnham Built home is genuinely complete.

Ask the locals and they will tell you that the level of quality you will find in a Farnham Built home is second to none. Robert and Barbara Goldman are proud owners of a Farnham Built home and are happy to say that "a Farnham Built home is above the average standards of today. Having been involved in the building industry I was delighted at the finish and quality of the fittings throughout. We have now enjoyed living in our home for some 12 months and in that time I have further observed the careful attention to detail in the build."

Take a look at Farnham Built Current Projects to move one step closer to owning your own Farnham Built home. Once you have lived in a Farnham Built home you will join the countless locals who know that it’s better if it’s Farnham Built

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