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Design Consultation

Farnham Built offer experience and advice to domestic consultation clients who are seeking to build a home with a project builder either now or in the future. Throughout the consultation process Wayne Farnham offers clients experience and expertise to enable them to be successful as they acquire land, engage a builder, sign contracts and enter into the design and construction phase.

Farnham Built domestic consultation services include seminars, workshops, in home consultation and site visits to assist clients to ensure that the home they want is the home that is built for them. Wayne Farnham gives domestic consultation clients the skills and knowledge they need to work with their project builder to see their project through to completion.

Construction consultation in domestic building is a relatively new field. Through working with a consultant clients are able to achieve best outcomes for themselves and their family within the budget and in the location of their choice. Clients who make a relatively small investment in domestic construction consultation before they embark on building their home with a project builder reap rewards in increased quality and decreased cost that they are appreciate for years to come.

If you are embarking on a build with a project builder, call Wayne to talk about domestic consultation options.

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